Amy Weasler’s


Helping You Back to Ideal Weight and Health Naturally


Are you struggling with any of these:

1.  Weight gain or inability to lose weight
2.  Loss of muscle and increased fat
3.  Inflammation and cellulite
4.  Emotional eating and/or bingeing
5.  Stress, anxiety, panic attacks or depression
6.  Concerns or issues with health or blood work 
7.  Low self esteem/confidence
8.  Low energy
9.  Poor sleep
10. Low or no libido
11. Inability to break old habits and develop new habits


1.  The above health issues need to be addressed separately 
2.  Diets work long term
3.  You need to give up your favorite foods or do intense workouts to get the body you want


1.  Health, emotions and disease are all connected
2.  Diets do not work long term and can actually be harmful to the body
3.  Health and weight issues can be resolved naturally, permanently and quickly 


*  Finally drop the fat and get to your ideal clothing size quickly and permanently

*  Have a fit, energetic and healthy body that you love

*  Feel good in all of your clothes and love getting dressed in the morning

*  Have the confidence in the bedroom and in the boardroom

*  Never have to worry about your health or blood work anymore

*  Free yourself from this so that you can be the best version of you



This is for you if you WANT PERMANENT CHANGE but you are stuck or haven’t been able to figure this out.
This is for you if this impacting every area of your life and it is your #1 priority – you cannot wait any longer to resolve this.
This is for you if you are willing to make changes, you are COACHABLE and open to a new approach.  


Despite being an athlete my whole life, getting licensed as a medical massage therapist, personal trainer, integrative nutrition health coach, and yoga certified instructor, I went through a major health and weight crisis in my early 40’s.  
Nothing that I knew worked.  
I was missing something and I was gaining weight, my blood work showed pre-heart disease.  Terrified to leave my 2 young children motherless, I was determined to figure this out.  And I did.  The after photo is below. 
Click the link below to learn the exact steps I took and my clients are taking to resolve their weight and health issues once and for all.   

What others are saying…

“Just a few weeks into Amy’s program, I have been able to make multiple simple but powerful changes which have had a major impact on my life and health.  Most importantly, for the first time in decades, my cortisol levels are down and my nervous system is at ease despite the daily demands on me.  For the 1st time in years I’m finally sleeping through the night.  And I’ve lost a pound per week since I started her program.”

Lynne M.

Milwaukee, WI

“I worked with Amy when I needed to make some changes with my weight and diet but couldn’t get there on my own.  Not only was she extremely knowledgeable and held me accountable with specific lifestyle changes, but she truly cared about me getting my successful outcome.  As a retired executive I also appreciated her background and experience in business and the fact that her program will work as well for busy and successful professionals.   I highly recommend Amy’s program if you need to lose weight, improve your health and want to do it as efficiently as possible.”

Jay W.

Denver, CO

“Amy is amazing!  In the 1st few weeks of her program I lost over 10 kilos (20 lbs) and am still losing weight.  The first time I put my hands on my hips and noticed the rolls of fat were gone was an incredible feeling.  I had to go buy new clothes as my jeans were falling off.  But Amy’s program is more than weight loss.  She has a holistic approach that looks at the whole you, body, mind and spirit.  Amy cares deeply and has a gentle and genuine approach.  Her depth of knowledge about health goes beyond the body.  Amy’s program is life changing and I can’t thank her enough!”

Paris N.

Lillian Rock, Australia

“When I first began working with Amy, I was stuck.  I knew what I was supposed to be doing for my health but could not get going.  Amy changed that with easy steps that fueled bigger changes as she continued to encourage my progress.  Specifically, I had digestive problems and Amy helped me to identify how to correct that condition. I eliminated digestive issues and was able to reduce belly fat in the process.  Amy’s passion shows through as she helps you make the necessary choices to meet your goals.  I highly recommend her!”

Susan A.


“Amy’s professionalism and focused commitment to her clients is unmatched. Her holistic approach to wellness and weight loss is a refreshing change to all the run-of-the-mill “diets” out there. She addresses each client’s needs with an individual focus and is available to address challenges as they arise. When I started Amy’s program, I was coming off of steady weight gain and significant muscle loss due to medical issues. Within two months, I was able to regain my health, transform my body, and drop two jeans sizes. The weight loss continues, but the biggest gain was the knowledge and lifestyle adjustments that will stick with me forever. Thank you, Amy!!”

Katherine V.

Dallas, TX

Enrolling in Amy’s program was the best decision I ever made. I was overweight and nothing was working to move the scale. I exercised and worked hard at multiple different plans but until I embraced the root of the problems with Amy, the scale needle didn’t move.   With her program I lost 20 lbs in 4 months and more inches.   Before I joined I had negative medical reports in areas of liver and cholesterol and these numbers were dramatically improved.  I developed methods to live a much more balanced life and people noticed the difference. I changed mindset and followed everything she recommended. It was a commitment with great results. The personal coaching was key.”

Anne R.

Milwaukee, WI

“I started Amy’s Body Mastery Program thinking I knew a lot of nutritional and health information. But instead, I gained new knowledge and ways to incorporate health into everyday habits that made me a healthier and stronger person, not to mention losing the stubborn pounds that I have been carrying. I have more energy in the afternoon and didn’t have to rely on snacks to get me by.  I learned something new each time, from being mindful to improving my eating habits and losing weight. Most importantly, I have less anxiety and gained more gratitude and mindfulness of the moment. The strength of Amy’s teachings is that it provides you the tools you need to improve inside as well as outside. She brings you awareness that body challenges are connected along with our mental and emotional states. Amy illustrates the balance that you need to achieve in order to be a healthier, happier person and gives you the resources to continue on your journey after the program ends. Amy’s program illustrates life-giving skills that everyone should learn and practice!”

Margaret M.

San Francisco, CA