Amy Weasler Bio

Amy Weasler – Holistic Health and Weight Coach

Amy has had a massive hunger and passion for personal growth, learning and evolved business her entire life.  Her primary influences have come from Tony Robbins, Dr. Joe Dispenza and the book, “Think and Grow Rich.”  She believes that life is a evolutionary spiritual quest, and she incorporates this principle into everything she does.  Some of her early successes include:

***EDS (early 90’s)- After completing the Systems Engineering Development Program, she was asked to be an Assistant Instructor with no prior programming experience.

***1993 – She ran her 1st marathon in 3:33 qualifying for Boston.

***Tucker Anthony Sutro (mid 90’s-2001) – She became the top institutional equity sales person and ran the west coast sales team by solely focusing on her client needs and authentic relationships, and is still friends with her clients to this day.

After achieving business and financial success, at age 33, she moved to Hawaii to focus on and learn health, fitness and spirituality.   She attended a 15 month medical massage therapy school and became a licensed massage therapist.  Amy was the only student hired directly out of school to work at Kona Village Resort.  Amy also was certified as a personal trainer, became a certified yoga instructor and integrative nutrition health coach.

She is the mother of 2 teens, ages 13 and 15. She has been a solo parent since her children were ages 1 and 3.  After going through her own weight and health crisis in her mid 40’s, Amy made the the decision to start her own business helping men and women with her passion and the same journey that she personally had to navigate – natural health and weight loss, lifestyle habits, mindset and awareness.  She has a free Facebook group that focuses on natural health and weight and she works with her clients directly in an 8 Week Weight Loss Immersion that addresses the physical body, the emotions, as well as the “primary foods” and identity.

Amy’s passions are her children and family, God, nature, health, wellness, spirituality, conscious evolution, personal growth and learning, authentic relationships, and helping others.  She takes an evolved approach to business with her authentic desire to serve and views each person as a brother or sister on this journey of life. Amy is happy to do a free call with anyone struggling on this journey to help them get clarity on where and why they are stuck. She can be contacted at