Natural Weight and Health Breakthrough

Amy Weasler helps men and women overcome their health and weight issues naturally and permanently so they can avoid disease and have the energy, the vitality, the health, and the body they want to focus on their mission in life with passion and full congruency. 

Many people put their own health on the back burner while devoting their time to family, careers or businesses. only to wake up at some point realizing that now they need to take massive action to resolve this or it will only be a matter of time before they get the disease diagnosis or have the debilitating health event.

She is a holistic health coach, licensed massage therapist, certified yoga instructor and previously certified as a personal trainer.   She has had a passion for the body, fitness, nutrition, personal growth and spirituality her entire life.  After years of solo parenting along with a full time career, Amy went through her own health and weight transformation in her 40’s after her blood work revealed she had pre-heart disease due to chronic stress.  Highly motivated by her fear of leaving her 2 children motherless, she took massive action and her 8 week program is exactly what she did to change her habits and resolve her health and weight issues.  In 2019 she made the decision to offer her program to men and women that are in the same hell she was in and haven’t been able to find their way out.  She is driven by her passion to serve others. She lives in Milwaukee, WI with her 2 amazing children and their golden retriever, “Kona.”